Top 5 Tips for Increasing Website and Blog Traffic

Hello, bloggers! Have you made a blog? And even after creating a blog, traffic is not coming to your blog? In such a situation you must have become disheartened and think that friend would get such a friend who would say that How to increase traffic on the blog?, so I will tell you in this post that you How to bring traffic to your blog?

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See friends, there are many ways to bring visitors to the blog and it is not necessary that you adopt all the methods to bring traffic to your blog or website, it is up to you if you adopt one of the methods mentioned by me. Or all the way depends on you and only you.

See friends, whenever there is talk of visitor means traffic on the blog, it simply means that people come to your website in the most organic way and if you want people to open your blog or website in an organic way, then its So you have to do only one thing and that is SEO, meaning Search Engine Optimization.

1.Increase Traffic Through Social Media

Friends, who does not use social media like facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram, or youtube today? Almost all the people who use a smartphone, in such a way, according to you, the social media which you think can increase traffic on your blog using that social media, let me tell you one thing that people spend a lot of time on Facebook, in such a way You can use facebook to increase traffic to your blog. There are millions of groups on facebook, post your article in them.

Join realiyed groups ko from your blog.

2. Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

My friend, SEO (search engine optimization) means if I say in a line, optimizing your blog according to the rules of search engine is called SEO (search engine optimization).

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Now you will say brother, explain it well, then I will tell you, see that every search engine that is there is making its own rules, and according to the same rules, every website in the world ranks it on the page of its search engine. If you also want, for this you will have to arrange all the things of your blog according to the search engine so that the ranking is good and when your blog ranking is good, then you will automatically come across your blog with traffic and your heart garden garden will be done

You know, earlier on my blog there was no traffic even at the beginning and I used to be very upset but as I taught advance things, today see so many people come to my blog everyday and that too in organic ways. So if you also want to read my article.

3.Use Keyword Planner.

Friends, let me tell you that if you bring 100% help in bringing traffic to your blog, the topic on which you want to write first is to search reality keywords on Google before writing that topic and use those keywords in articles So that your article will start ranking on the first page.

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4.Increase Blog Traffic with Email Marketing

Friends, email marketing is evergreen way to increase traffic on your blog, so you try to organize the email id after signing up as much as possible.

5.Increase Blog Traffic with Guest Posts

Friends, guest post is also a way that you can increase traffic on your blog, now you will ask what is this guest post? So let me tell you, whenever you write a good article on a blog, according to the niche of that blog and get it published on the blog by the owner of the blog, then it is called a guest post, it is that it is free In you get a quality backlinks and this improves your blog’s ranking.

Conclusion :-

I hope that this is my post Top 5 Secrets to Increase Traffic on Websites and Blogs If you have got any information from this, then you share it on social media, along with your friends, if you have any question, then you must ask in the comment, I will definitely answer your question.

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