Know the Top 4 Reasons the iPhone Costs So Much?

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Do you know why Iphone is so expensive? If you don’t know then today we are going to tell you about it. Before this, let us tell you that the company that makes the Iphone is the world’s largest company based on Apple technology. Apart from making smartphones, it makes many products related to technology such as computers or laptops, tablets, smart watches etc. Many people want to know where Apple is a company and when it was founded, then tell those people that Apple company was founded on April 1, 1976, it is an American company whose business is spread around the world.

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Why Iphone is So Expensive?

Apple company is known for its expensive product, whether computer or smartphone, the most expensive product in the world will be seen by this company, but here the question arises that why Apple‘s Iphone is so expensive, here we will tell you about it in detail. Going so that you can understand it easily.

The Iphone is the only smartphone in the world that despite being expensive, goes out of stock shortly after coming to the market. To buy it, people are queuing up in front of the store for hours. Although many people also see it as a status symbol but it is also known for its excellent quality and good performance.

why is Iphone so expensive

If you use a smartphone then you must have heard about the Iphone. It is possible that you also have an Iphone, in which case you will also want to know why Iphones are so expensive. Why do you have to pay big money for these Apple smartphones? So tell you that there are many reasons why it is expensive, here we are going to tell you the main reason for it.

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1. Retina Display

Let me tell you that retina display is used in Iphone. The number of pixels in this display is much higher than the normal display. The more pixels the display has, the higher the picture quality is. The display looks even better due to having more pixels, plus it does not harm the eyes much. This display is used only by the top mobile company in the world because the cost of making it is very high. In this case, smartphones with retina display are expensive.

2. Camera Quality

The most expensive part of the Iphone is its camera. Apple has engaged a team of 800 engineers from the company to improve the camera of its smartphone, you can guess how hard it takes to make its camera. Its camera is made by connecting more than 200 PCs. When its camera is ready, its team tests it in different light. The camera quality of the Iphone makes it better than other smartphones.

3. Processor

By the way, except for the Iphone, the company that makes all the smartphones uses a third party processor. Which costs less. Apple is a company that uses its own processor built into its smartphone. Its processor is made by mixing parts of very high quality, due to this the cost of making it is also very high. If you use its smartphone, then you will know that the Iphone never hangs. The main reason is its advanced processor.

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4. Operating System

Almost all mobile companies in the world use Google’s operating system Android, but Apple is a company that has its own operating system. Which is known as iOS. It is the most used operating system in the world after Android. Although it cannot be customized on its behalf like Android, but it is much safer than Android.

Conclusion :-

So now you must have known Why Iphone is So Expensive?, in this post, you have been told the main reason, which would have made it easier for you to understand it. By the way, tell me that gold and silver are used in many parts of Apple‘s smartphone Iphone. However, its quantity is very less about 0.034 grams of gold and 0.34 grams of silver. Apart from all this, high quality parts are used in the Iphone, due to which its price is so high. If you liked this information, then click on the social media icon below and share it.

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