Affiliate marketing: What is it? How can affiliate marketing be profitable?

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Today I’m Telling About What is Affiliate Marketing? How to make money from Affiliate Marketing?. Somewhere in your mind, a question will also arise that What is Affiliate Marketing? How to make money from Affiliate Marketing?  And how can we do this, there can be many questions, in this post I will try to give you some information about this.

If you have come to read this post, then somewhere you must have got some idea to earn money sitting online,

If you are blogging or if you are active on the Internet, then you will always hear about it, What is Affiliate Marketing? And many people are also making money from Affiliate Marketing. .

You all know that our country is changing day by day, and people are becoming digital, so everyone wants them to get rest.

Seeing the same thing, today’s big company has turned towards Digital Marketing .

Now you must be wondering whether it will be good for us? So, let me tell you, in today’s time, all the big bloggers are, they tell Affiliate Marketing as their first income source.

But many of you run after Google Adsense, I want to tell you one truth that you can earn 5 times more from Affiliate Marketing than Google Adsense.

Today we will try to know about this thing in full detail, so do not read this post properly.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If we tell it in a very easy language, then it means that by taking the product of another company, you link to your website / blog and you sell your audience,

Then you will get some Percent Commission instead, and this commission is according to your product.

With this much information, you must have guessed that What is Affiliate Marketing? . If you do not understand this too, then I try to tell you better.

As it was not the time of online, we used to get all things offline, then Affiliate Marketing still runs, now you will say how

You must have seen that in the village people often used to come to sell some things, and used to tell people and force them to buy, they also offered them something in return.

But in today’s time, because everything is online, Affiliate Marketer has become very easy to sit in their house and earn a lot of money from the commission, it is only because of online.

So keeping this in mind, a big company has created its Affiliate Program and is able to generate a lot of revenue from it.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Often people try to know that work well before doing any work, similarly everyone wants to do Affiliate Marketing, but he also wants to know how it works.

Be it any company, new or old, everyone wants their product to reach the maximum number of people and they can earn more from it, then they resort to Affiliate Program.

And according to her product, she keeps a commission on it, so that her Affiliate Marketer can get some money, and she reaches out to the product with a lot of heart.

Whatever company makes Affiliate Program, such as Flipkart Affiliate , Amazon Affiliate, it also creates many ways Banner and Link so that whoever Affiliate joins can have a lot of ease to copy Banner / Link on their website.

Now after reading this article many people will make this mistake and I have also done this, there is no traffic on their website, but they put Affiliate Link on their website, this causes a lot of damage to you.

Just like you put a link, but your website does not get much traffic, and till the traffic does not come, you will not sell, due to which you do not have any benefit and also because of the link you have placed on your website Your website speed can also be slow.

Do not make such a mistake, first bring traffic and earn it as much as you want.

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How to do Affiliate Marketing

Till now you were learning about it, but now you will have a question in your mind that how do it do Affiliate Marketing,   because in this you have to promote the product, for which you need a good Audience which trusts you Ho.

The product has to be promoted as much as possible so that you get more commission.


You must have heard about it somewhere and there is no need to tell me about it, in such a way, big bloggers earn a lot of money from Affiliate Marketing.

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For this, you do not need to do much, you can create your blog very easily, for this you go to YouTube and write blog Kaise Banaye you will get lots of videos.

According to your Niche, join the Affiliate Program, like you have created a blog on Technology Niche.

Then you take a Tech Product and write a good article about it, which is helpful for people so that people can see it and then buy it from your given link.


In today’s time, most of the time is spent on Youtube, that is why a lot of people have started coming on Youtube as well, so if you are a Youtuber or want to come on Youtube, then it is the right time for you.

There are many ways you can make money from YouTube, one of them is Affiliate Marketing .

In this also, you have to promote the product of others, which is the easiest,

Like if you have become a big Youtuber, then you must have had a lot of things, which you will be using yourself.

So, by making the same product an Affiliate Link, you can add it to the Discription of your Channel.

Instagram Influencer: –

Now everyone wants that more and more people know them, that is why everyone goes on Instagram, and they walk with a good follower.

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So in such a way, Instagram is also a very good way to do Affiliate Marketing, as well as people will also know and you will also get money.

In this too, you have to catch a niche on which you can work, if you are a model then it is best for you, otherwise if you have a talent inside you, then you can also make your follower according to that.

Facebook Page and Facebook Group:-

This has also been considered a very good way, and many people are earning from this too, people who do not work on Youtube and Blogging, they create their own page on Facebook or the group earn money by writing content on it. With the help of Affiliate Marketing.

Keep in mind one thing that if you do any work, then it is not that you get a lot of money overnight, for this, both time and your hard work is very important, it is not said that you can earn money without hard work, so Keep this in mind.

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I hope that this is my post What is Affiliate Marketing? How to make money from Affiliate Marketing? If you have got any information from this, then you share it on social media, along with your friends, if you have any question, then you must ask in the comment, I will definitely answer your question.

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