What exactly is SEO? (in a step-by-step manner)? What will SEO look like in 2023?

What is the meaning of SEO? After starting a “search engine optimization” website or blog, it is in every person’s mind that my website or blog gets ranked on Google (which is a world largest search engines.) so they search ” What is SEO? What is SEO in English? “

SEO is a very big subject for digital marketing. In this article we will understand the following things: –

  • What is SEO
  • What is the full form of SEO
  • How many types of SEO are there? 
  • How does SEO factor in Ranking? 

Now I show you a prove that you will be convinced that SEO is really necessary to rank a website. 

When you search “top 10 most important objective questions of human eye” in Google, my website will slow down in the list first. So how did I do that? These are all the wonders of “SEO“.

What is SEO?

When we search for our problem in goggle or any other search engine, the intention of the search engine is to give that person the top 10 list of the website with the right solution. Like you saw my article. “SEO is a unique technique through which we can gain organic, free traffic.” SEO is the only way through which you can get a lot of free traffic. There are other ways to get a website view. Like social share, by giving a link on youtube channel. But Google does not like all this. 

What is a search engine? How Does it Work?

Google and its search engine works on an algorithm. This algorithm is not known to anyone. The same thing is used to bring SEO traffic and search engine to the top list. For this, search engines create a list by crawling, indexing, fetching the article or post of the website. Goggle bots or robots crawl your blog post at a particular time. 

Whatever you see on the first page is called SERF (Search engine result page). SERF stands for search engine result page. 

The full form of SERF is “search engine result page. Before proceeding, how should I rank my website? It is not good if it is successful. Now let me tell you my 5 best SEO strategy.

Google SEO strategy or factor for ranking in English. 

  1. content: – You should always write content as useful and useful as possible. Which reduces your bounds rate. 
  2. image: – You must use at least 1 image. Why are images necessary for SEO? In Google or any search engine, you definitely get an icon with images, in this way we can say that somewhere the search engine considers the image to be very important for SEO
  3. URL: You should always keep the URL medium. Like I had kept. 
  4. Backlink: Any kind of backlink is not very important to rank you, you should always make quality backlink. How do we create quality backlink in backlink free? First you find related website. Create a backlink by guest posting. How to create high pr backlink? There will definitely be an article on English. Where I will tell you the best ways. 
  5. Website speed: Go to Google page insights and check in website speed free.

How does Keyword research tool in English work to rank your article in Google? 

I had already written for you the best 15 free SEO keyword research tools for blog niche in English. Where I gave you information about 15 free SEO keyword research. 

How to write a good blogger post? The answer to this question is very simple, you should keep in mind whether it has Keyword density or not. Meaning you should keep Keyword density from 2% to 3%.

How many types of SEO are there. How does SEO work? 

Talk about types of SEO in English, so there are two types. 

  1. On page SEO (in English) 
  2. Off-page SEO (in English) 

Both are very important in SEO kind (type) ranking. We turn off page SEO techniques in English, on page SEO techniques in English.

What are On page SEO techniques in English? 

The name is known as on page. Whatever we do to write an article, so that our blog post appears on top on google or bing’s SERF, it is called on page SEO.

EXAMPLE : – Suppose I started writing a blog post on sev bhaji recipe in English. Now I think if this article comes first in ranking then I will do Keyword research, keyword density, content marketing and important SEO for this. 

Simply put, what I do before publishing the post is simple break but called on-page SEO.

  • Title
  • Image
  • Description
  • Permalink
  • Internal link
  • External link
  • headings
  • Subheadings
  • Keyword research (searches keyword)
  • Website design
  • Website speed
  • Multimedia

Off page SEO in English?

Talking about off-page SEO techniques in English, after publishing off-page SEO blog post, which we propagate to rank that post (article) in google is called off page SEO

Shere for off-page, web submission, backlinks, Facebook, Twitter and social media marketing are the factors of off page SEO

Checklist of off page SEO techniques in English.

  • Social media share
  • Generate backlink
  • Gaust post
  • Commenting
  • Web submission
  • Another competitor promotion

Conclusion: – 

What is SEO (step by step)? What is SEO in English? How do I rank you on Google? Told this Keeping all these things in mind, how to create web submission, backlink? We will write the upcoming Blog Post. How did you like information about on page SEO, off page SEO techniques in English Comment.

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