50 Essential Blogger Tips and Tricks for 2023

Blogging is the most effective way to make money online. Blogging is the best way for someone to earn money while sitting at home. Many people are currently blogging, and many more are interested in doing so. If you want to start your own blog or have already started one, there are a few things you should know. In this post, we will discuss “50 Essential Tips and Tricks for Beginner Bloggers in 2023.”

Blogging and YouTube are both a very good way to earn money online. Blogging has a future but YouTube has no future. Because regular changes are being made in youtube policy. This shows that youtube has no trust. But blogging is one such way, by which you can earn unlimited by many ways.

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So I know that it is very easy to create a blog in the recent times. Because you will get many tools, through which you can create your blog. If we talk about what is most difficult in this, then it is to be successful. Yes, it is very difficult to get success in blogging.

There are thousands of sites / blogs all over the Internet world and many of them are earning millions through it. Everyday hundreds of blogs are made so that you can earn good from it. But only a few of these people are able to make their blog successful by maintaining their blog properly. Actually, to be successful in blogging it is very important for the new blogger to know a few things.

If you want to be successful in any work, consider that work as a race and complete it. Blogging consists of a lot of compitition. In recent times, taking any blog to success level is to win a very big compitition.

If you want to plan to make a blog or have already created your blog, then we are going to tell you some special and important tips. According to my experience, I am going to tell you all these tips. If you follow them, you will get success in blogging very soon.

50 Important Tips & Tricks for New Bloggers

  1. Success is happening overnight: It is very important for the new blogger to know that success cannot be achieved immediately after creating a blog. You cannot become a good blogger in one night. Now you have to work very hard.
  2. Start one blog: If you are creating your blog for the first time, then create a single blog and work in it. If you create multiple blogs in the beginning, then success will be like a mountain for you.
  3. Be your audience: You should visit your blog not as an administrator but as a visitor and think what would have happened in it would have been better. In this way you can make your blog useful.
  4. Tell your story: If someone visits your blog for the first time and they like your blog, then they will want to know about you. So, tell us about yourself in the About us page in your blog. If possible, sometimes tell a little bit about yourself in the post as well.
  5. Write original content: When someone creates a new blog, it is often in the case of copy paste. By doing this, he is rejecting his future. If you have made a good blogger then never put copyrighted content in your blog.
  6. Understand your readers: Try to know and understand the number of readers or visitors to your blog. I meant to know what kind of post your visitors like more. Also, find out what your visitors like in your blog, good and bad, and try to fix it.
  7. Discuss Choose Many Topic: First of all, I would like to tell you that the topic on which you have interest and complete information, choose the same. If you write a post on more than 2-3 topics in any one blog, it will be good.
  8. Write as if you are speaking to someone: Whenever you write a post for your blog, write thinking that you are writing an essay in class. That is, you have to write as if there is someone in front of you and you are talking to them.
  9. Choose top TLD domain name: Many people like .rocks, .biz, .co domain. It is very easy to buy and get in low price. It would be best if you choose the top TLD domain like .com, .net, .org.
  10. Speaking be afraid to invest in your blog: If you have to take your blog very high in a short time, then do not skimp in spending money sometimes. You can spend money to hire Domain, Hosting, Design and Writer.
  11. Blogging is hard: Many people think that blogging is very easy and travelling has to be done more. Therefore, tell you that a successful blogger has to travel all over the world, but if you are new, if you pay attention to it, then success will be very difficult.
  12. Blogging Requires the Time: If you do not have time and you have created a blog, then you will not benefit from it but there will definitely be a loss. If you want to become a good blogger then daily you will have to spend more than 7 hours in blogging.
  13. Nobody is going to care about “you”: If you have written a few posts on your blog and people are not supporting you, then do not pay attention to it. You do not have to see why comments are not coming in my blog, but you have to keep publishing your new post regularly.
  14. Be consistent: I often see that when someone’s blog does not get good support despite having good content, then they stop working in the blog. It should not be done because if you have written the post with hard work, then you will definitely get the result one day or the other.
  15. Keep going: First of all, let me tell you about myself that I never see the traffic report of my blog. Because my goal is not to get traffic but to give helpful information to the people. If not today, tomorrow I will get benefit from it. Therefore, I would also like to tell you that you do not see now that only 10 likes in your facebook page, 20 visits in blog, earning 0. Now all this will work for you to get rid of blogging.
  16. Be helpful to your audience rather than just try and make money: Many people run behind when they make their first blog. I also used to do this before but someone told me about it. Now I know that somehow make the blog successful, then the money itself will follow you. If you have created your new blog, then you have to target the audience now, for which you will have to do one day and night. Once the money starts coming in, it will continue to grow slowly.
  17. Blogging is a lot of work: If you are thinking that once you have created a blog, then only to write the post and publish it is a big mistake. Because regular errors have to be faced in the blog and especially if you are on wordpress, you may have to face many errors. In blogging, you have to write a post, you have to edit the post, you have to manage the comments, optimize and you have to do a lot of maintenance tasks.
  18. Grow your email list: You know you need an audience to succeed in blogging. You somehow submit an email list of your visitors. With this, you will be able to send information about new updates to your blog by email. This is a great way to get the audience to visit the site again. For this you can use Feedburner or Mailchimp.
  19. Long content wins over short content: I think that I would have written more than 500 posts in the last three years. It has shown me that long content is always ahead compared to short content. So whenever you write a post of your blog, use at least 1000 words of it and sometimes 3000+ words can also be used in a post.
  20. Keyword Researching is necessary: ​​For a blogger, doing keyword research is very important. There is no better way to bring the blog to a good position in the search engine. If you are a blogger, then do keyword research and use it in the use post.
  21. You can always expand outside of your niche: Share every detail about the niche or topic that your blog is on. So that your visitors can get to know every little thing.
  22. Be passionate about your blog: It is very important thing that you should always be passionate about the niche of your blog. You should think that you help other people and at the same time you are helping yourself in learning something new.
  23. Worry expect to become a millionaire overnight: I am aware that I have seen many such posts on my internet that those who claim that overnight blogging can earn millions by this secret method. I’m sorry but this is all nonsense. Because I know and I have read and followed many such posts but in legal way no one can earn money online overnight. If you are new now, you will have more heart to read such posts, but one day you will earn money by working hard to find time.
  24. Friendship with other Bloggers: This is a great way by which you can grow your blog. When you get recognized from another blog, it will help you to gain audience. If you ever have a problem, you can easily find a solution for it.
  25. WordPress is always best: Whenever someone creates his first blog, he is more attracted towards free. If you make a mistake in starting in the cycle of free, then you can suffer a lot of damage later on. By the way wordpress is also absolutely free but in this you will not get hosting free. So you will spend money in hosting and domain. After creating a blog in it, it will be very easy to manage it. You can easily optimize SEO through the Yoast SEO plugin in wordpress.
  26. If possible, spend some money: If you have a little more budget then you can spend some money in writing a writter, in SEO optimization, and in designing a blog.
  27. Spend time learning how to write good copy: As a blogger, it is very important for you to know how deeply in the post, how the post headline should be, how the image should be in the post, it is very important to know all this. For this, you have to learn from another blogger, that is, you have to read a good blog regularly. After that you will know all this by yourself.
  28. Optimize the basics of SEO: In your blog you will get Meta description tag, xml sitemap, etc. It is very important to optimize. For this, you just have to install the Yoast SEO plugin. Through this you can easily optimize the basic SEO of the blog.
  29. Learn basic of coding: If you want to become a good blogger, then the design of your blog will have to be made attractive from now. For this, you have to learn HTML, CSS and compulsory. Apart from this, if possible, learn php, Javascript. With this, you can make your blog look different and attractive than you.
  30. Worry worry about SEO: A lot of new bloggers start paying a lot of attention to SEO. In this case, we also stop putting posts in my blog. Therefore, I would like to tell you that after having done the basic seo of the site, forget it. Just focus on writing the content of your blog. After that, you should think about SEO in the time that is left.
  31. Register your website on all the leading social media platforms: I hope you have bought your domain name. Now you need to promote it. That is, register your blog in social media sites like facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, snapchat, youtube and other sites. You can also add the domain of your blog to your personal account. This will also give you backlink which is very important factor of SEO.
  32. Make a Pinterest image for each blog post: It definitely takes some time, but it also gives benefit in the long term. When you submit the image in pinterest, it will help your blog get ranking in google. For this, you can use a good image editor tool.
  33. Have sharing buttons on each blog post: It is very important to have facebook, twitter, google plus, whatsapp, pinterest share button in all posts of your blog. Because this post will be liked by your readers, they will share it with friends.
  34. You are to be an amazing writer: When I look at my previous posts, I feel something strange. You can still see my previous and recent posts, I have not even updated yet. You will see the difference of ground and sky in both. This is a skill that comes on its own slowly inside a blogger. The best way for a blogger to improve his writing is to write and read as much as possible.
  35. Read Books: There can be no better way for a new blogger to improve his writing skill. If there is any information in any book, it is explained in detail. If you read books regularly, then you will also have the power to talk about anything in detail.
  36. Take action: When you read the motivational story of a blogger, you forget only by reading. Nothing is going to happen with this. These are the same people who are some other day and become rulers in hundreds of hearts the next day. You should learn from them and take action on what they say.
  37. But how do I promote it: Some people complain that I have already shared many times on facebook, twitter, google plus, whatsapp but it has not given me better results. I want to tell all those people that first you create a great content, that is, such a content that everyone wants to know about, then share it on social media. If you keep doing this regularly, then slowly you will start getting better results.
  38. Customize your Blog for visitors: If you are a new blogger, then tell you that right now you need to target a lot of visitors. Therefore, you have to prepare your blog in such a way that once a visitor comes to your blog, then you want to come again. For this, you have to design attractive and add important widgets (like popular posts, recent posts, social follower, social sharing buttons, related posts).
  39. Join MeetUp groups and go meet people: A meetup is very special for any blogger. Because in this we are able to meet great bloggers and our friends. It also gives us a lot to learn. If there is a meetup near you then you must attend.
  40. Can I quit my job for blog ?: When someone creates his blog for the first time, he is so anxious that he cannot handle his job properly and talks about quitting the job. If there is something similar with you, then I will not give you permission to quit the job right now. Because only 20 out of 100 bloggers are successful in blogging. So now you should work part time only. When you start earning from it as much as you are not in the job, then you can quit the job.
  41. How much will this all cost per year to start a blog ?: The question often comes in the minds of many newbie people that how much money we spend per year normally in blogging. So I want to tell them that hosting + domain has to be paid and you can know its price from any hosting / domain provider. I think it would have cost 10000 ₹ in a year.
  42. Work with a goal: If you make one of your goals in anything, then you do not have to wander around to reach there. You know that if I have to go from here to there, then you easily go to there. In the same way, you will work in blogging by setting your goal, then you can easily become a successful blogger in a short time.
  43. Cares about security: Often new bloggers are not worried about the security of their blog at all. The security of the blog is very important for us. Due to low security, you can also lose your blog. So always pay attention to security.
  44. Be readers friendly: I mean befriend your readers and try to understand your readers. Please reply to all the comments that come in your blog. This will keep the reader of your blog alive with you.
  45. Get feedback from visitors: Try to know from your blog visitors what they like and what they like in your blog. If someone gives negative feedback, try to improve it.
  46. Avoid haters: Now if you are new, you may not know this well, but it is true that more and more Hindi bloggers are jealous of each other. If you are doing something good, then another blogger will call you upside down. Even he can use negative words, but all you have to do is listen to your heart. Your heart says good is good. You will get success only if you avoid all these haters.
  47. Guest post on similar blogs: If you have to promote your blog in less time then guest post is also a very good way for you. You can publish your guest post in a blog similar to yours. This will not only help you in generating traffic and will also get dofollow backlink as well.
  48. Learn from others: It is good to be careful by learning from others. If something bad happened to someone, it is not necessary that it should happen to you as well, but you should learn a lesson from it. Because it is not right, it can happen to you at any time.
  49. Going time to spend money on promotion: If you have published many good posts in your blog, but you are not getting the benefit from it, then you need to spend a little money. I mean you have to do advertising to promote. For this, it would be best to advertise in Google Adwords and Facebook ads.
  50. Improved need a deliberate and clever blogging strategy: Blogging is becoming more and more difficult over time. In such a situation, if you want to earn more money, then you have to do direct advertising from big companies. You will get more benefit from this. But keep in mind that any company deals with you so that it will get something good in its return as well. I meant that when you talk about advertising from a company, then talk according to the traffic of your blog.

Conclusion :-

With the passage of time, blogging is becoming more and more difficult. In such a situation, if you want to see yourself as a successful blogger then you will need to work very hard. You can get success in blogging only by compitition. Read the above mentioned things carefully and try to follow it.

Hope you have liked this post and learned something good by reading this post. Comment to ask questions related to this post. Do share this post with your friends in social media.

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