How Do I Use Whatsapp Settings on an Older Android Device?

Hello Friends, today I will discuss Android phone tips. In this day and age, everyone has an Android Smartphone. And you know how to put it to good use. However, there are numerous approaches to it, and some apps are difficult to use. So, today I’m going to tell you about the EC Way app.

The name of that app is Votesup, Friends Votesup is a social media site. So let me tell you some tips about it today. Maybe you already know these tips, maybe not, so let’s know.

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1) To lock the message of WhatsApp :-

Friends, if you want to lock your votesup message, then you can definitely lock it. These are very simple settings. You can easily do this. So first of all you want to lock your WhatsApp message, then you have to go to your google play store and search whatsaap lock aap and download it. Then it has to be opened. After that, you have to enter your password in it. After that your messages will be locked.

This app is available in Google Play Store per free.

2) How do I backup my old messages

Friends you are afraid of deleting your old message backup, so do not be afraid at all, if you want to format your own mobile phone. Or you want to enter your new number, and if you want to backup your old message, then you have to do a setting,

Setting> chat setting> chat backup setting> backup now.

There are also some seetings for iOS users.

3) Hiding the last scene of WhatsAap:-

How to Use Whatsaap Settings on Androide?

Friends, if you feel that, no one can see my last scene, you want to hide the last scene of your WhatsApp, then you have to do this one setting. friends

Simple setting.

Settings> account> privancy> last seen

For iOS user :-

Friends, if you have an Apple iPhone, then the last scene feature has been available for a long time in that mobile phone. The last scene timestamp in Friends Apple iPhone can be highlighted by all users simultaneously. Settings required to hide, ??

Settings> chat settings> advanced> last seen

4) Teach me to change my number in WhatsAap:

If you have entered a Puran number in a Votesup account and you want to create a new account from another mobile or a new number, then it can be changed without any problem.

For example, ?

Setting> Account> change number

After making these settings, you should enter both the old number and the new number. Apart from this, if you want to use your number with the new SIM, then your WhatsAap account will have nothing.

How can a WhatsAap hack be done :-

How to Use Whatsaap Settings on Androide?

1) By using public Wi-Fi

2) Finding the IMEI number of the phone

3) Hacking is also done with the help of numbers only.

How to avoid it :-

1) Please do not use public Wi-Fi

2) block the anon number

3) Change the password of your router frequently after using your Wi-Fi.

So friends, you will definitely tell me about the information and tips related to my Whatsaap by commenting.

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