How Can I Make Money on Facebook and WhatsApp in 2023?

Nowadays, social networking sites are becoming increasingly popular, with many people spending hours on social networking sites on the internet. People of all ages are using social networks because we can chat with our friends right from home, family or friends living in other countries with whom we could not talk for years, now we can talk to them easily through social media, learn about their activities, and learn about their favourite artists, and places.

Some of them are popular social media platform – Facebook and WhatsApp many people keep busy on them for hours.

But do you know that with their help you can earn money too. In this post, I am going to tell you that money can be made from social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp?

Facebook and WhatsApp are very popular platforms, their reach is everywhere, so many people have made them their source of income and they are earning up to 1000 $ from them, if you want, you can also earn money with their help.

Ways to Earn Money on Social Media

1. Networking –

Networking is the best and most popular way to earn money on social media sites, if you have more friends on social media then you can also earn more money from it. Many people are earning thousands of rupees by networking.

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In networking, you first have to join a networking company, then you will have to ask other people to join that company, if someone joins the company through you, then you get a commission which can be up to ₹ 5000. Even if that person also adds a person, you still get commission. This is called second level.

Some companies pay commissions up to 7 levels. You can also connect to an online network company and share its links on social media and you can speak to your friends to join the company and if your friends will join the company then you will get commission by the company.

2. Marketing –

If you have a business of your own, you can use social media to grow your business and earn more profit. You can share posts about your product and tell people about the benefits of your product, you can also chat with your customers and tell them in detail. With this, more people will get to know about your product and your business will grow further and you can get more profit.

3. Pages –

You can also earn money by creating a page on Facebook, for this you must first create your own page on Facebook. You can also create a Facebook page of Jokes, Tech, Education, Just for Fun, Shayari etc.

After that you will have to increase your Likes, Followers etc. by sharing and promoting the post on it, after that you can earn money by posting sponsored content on it, you can also sell your page, but for this at least on your page It is necessary to have less 5000 Likes. The more likes you have on your page, the higher will be the value of your page.

4. Sponsored Content –

You can also earn money by posting sponsored content on social sites, you can create your account on a website like Likesplanet and share its links on social media, after that Likes, View, Comments and shares found on those links Accordingly, you will get paid.

5. Affiliate Marketing –

You can share your product on social media by creating your account on the Affiliate Program of E-Commerce website like Amazon and Flipkart, and if someone buys those products then the company will give you 3% of the price of the product. Up to 15% commission will be received.

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