How Do I Reset Or Format My Old Android Phone?

The use of Android phones has increased dramatically in recent years; millions of people use them, and the number is constantly growing.

Many times, we install many features and apps in mobile, which has a bad effect on the phone’s system and slows down the speed of mobile and it also starts to hang.

Then we start finding a solution for how to get the mobile into the right position.

The solution is to uninstall the mobile’s unusable apps.

But even after this, some viruses and files remain in mobile.

Due to which the mobile is not fully recovered and some problem is left.

In such a situation, there is only one way to reset the mobile.

Here I will tell you how to Reset / Format Android Mobile?

How to Reset Or Format Android Mobile Phone?

Resetting Android phone has many advantages –

● Mobile will be completely fresh.

● Mobile will come to its new position.

● Virus will be removed from mobile.

● Mobile Hang will not happen.

Apart from this, if you are selling mobile to someone, then sell your mobile only after selling it.

Because in this your important data is saved using which anyone can misuse your information.

Therefore, before selling it, save your data and save it somewhere else and make it mobile so that all the data is deleted from the mobile.

(On resetting your mobile, all your data gets deleted like – Mobile memory, Music, Photos, Apps, Settings, No. & Messeges.

So backup your required data)

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To reset your mobile, follow the simple steps given below-

Step.1 – First turn on Mobile and go to Settings.

Step.2 – Then go to Mobile Backup and Reset.

How to Reset Or Format Android Mobile Phone

Step.3 – Now tick✔ Automatic Backup here and click on Factory Data Reset.

How to Reset Or Format Android Mobile Phone

Step.4 – Now click on Reset Device.

How to Reset Or Format Android Mobile Phone

After this, your Mobile Reset (Format) will be done.

After reset, the mobile will come to a completely new position, completely fresh

Now you can use your mobile easily and now there will not be any problem of hanging in it.

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