Best 5 Computer Tips for 2023

Best 5 Computer Tips in English Today friends are going to give you 5 interesting tips of the computer, which will make it easier to run in the computer. Friends, if you want to learn something new in the computer, then these articles will be very nice.

Friends, there are many such commands and tricks in the computer, which we do not know, your work can be done very easily and in a short time by ot in trick, just if you know these tricks and tips, then your work will be easy. it happens. So I am going to tell you about these Best 5 computer Tips and Trick.

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1) Slide to Shutdown

Friends, this trick can easily shutdown your computer, you surf through it by clicking a button in the program, the option of slide shutdown comes easily and if you move it to the bottom side, then your computer or laptop automatically turns off. .

% windir% System32 SlideToShutDown.exe

Friends, you first have to go to your desktop and then right-click, then you will see the option of New, in that you have to click on Shortcut, then you have to copy the Shutdown command given below in it and copy and paste it into that shortcut. But then you have to click on the next, after that you will see the name of that command, if you want to change it, then you can leave the same and click on Finish, after that you will see that an icon has been created on the desktop. Clicking on it will cause your slide to shut down.

2) Shutdown Timer Button

Shutdown.exe -s-t 60

Friends, I want to give you more work tips which is going to be very useful to you guys, what happens many times that you or we always have to download something software or have a movie, then it takes time after 1 hour or After 2 hours, this movie or software will be downloaded, so you have to wait that after downloading you can shutdown the PC or laptop because sometimes you are downloading something during the night time, then you thought it would be longer or download.

You can give time to Shutdown laptop or PC through this command, so that you will get auto Shutdown at the time that PC is knotted. For that you have to right-click on the same method or shortcut and click on the shortcut in the new one and in that you have to keep the Shutdown -st 60 you have to live time, you have to write in seconds as if I have written 60 seconds, ie 1 minute To keep 1 hour, you will have to keep it in seconds, that is, you have to keep 3600, just you have to keep the same and then a new icon will be created when you have to use that auto time, then click on the icon and the amount of time you have kept in that command.

Auto shutdown will occur at that time. And if you want to deactivate it, then you have to go to Run first, you have to press Window + R to go to Run, then the Run command will open, after that you will do ok by typing Shutdown -a after that you will see its notification in the right corner that your auto shutdown Has been deactivated.

3) God Mod

GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Friends, you must be thinking what is this God turn, this is such a setting, through which you will see all the settings on your desktop, if you want any setting, then you just have to click on this folder and then you will get some settings from it. Will go For this, you just have to right click on the desktop, then go to new in it and you will have to create a new folder and change the name from this code, that is, you have to rename the code that you are talking about.

4) Short Cut Key For Program

With the tips you are giving to friends, you can create a shortcut key for any program on your desktop or for which you have to right-click the program for which you want to create a shortcut key and then after that you will get the properties of that program.

You have to go, you will see an option shortcut key in it, just give the shortcut key you have to give, but for this you need to have the permission of administration and if you have a program in the start, that is not on the desktop, then in some program inside If you want to give it, then you have to search for that program and then right-click in it and go to more, and then go to the open file location, in that you will find its shortcut, in that you have to right-click, then after that follow the same method which I have told you

5) Use Pen Drive as Ram

Friends, this trick is very useful for you because sometimes our PC or laptop stays slow or your PC is slow due to Ram, then by doing this you will boost your PC or laptop speedly, for this you need to put Pendrive in your computer.

When Pendrive starts appearing in this PC in your PC, then you have to right click in it. Right click is followed by clicking Properties. And it will have a ready boost option, in which you have to click.

In it you will get 3 options, if you rem the size of the entire pen drive If you want to change it, then you have to select Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost. And if you want to convert some part of the pen drive size into RAM, then you have to select Use This Device. Then after that click on Apply OK.

Conclusion :-

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