10 Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2023

This series will suggest you practical methods based on my experience. This is especially useful for those who have created a blog, but readers are not coming to it. So are you ready to go with this series?

1. Write regularly with good content.

What would you say is new? Everyone knows this. But I am referring to this here because once a visitor can be brought to the blog in any way, but to bring it again and again, you have to present good content regularly. I will not give much speech on this subject now. Come directly to practical methods.

2. Connect with Hindi compilers

More than half of the bloggers on Hindi blog tips are accessed only through Hindi compilers such as Blog, Blogwani and Narada. And on other blogs, this figure is more than 80 percent. So you must have understood the importance of Hindi compilers. Did you check if your blog exists on all the compilers or not. If not, you can add your name to all compilers in less than five minutes. The easiest way to add names to all the compilers is in this post – add blogs to Hindi compilers

3. Connect with major search engines

In the period of rapid development of Unicode on the Internet, now search engines like Google and Yahoo are also reaching readers faster on blogs. If any reader searches the title or URL of your blog, then it should be included in the top results. It’s not like that? This does not mean that your blog is included in these search engines. Learn how to include them in major search engines in less than five minutes

4. Install Email Subscription Tool

There are currently 75 readers on Hindi blog tips, whose new posts reach their e-mail inbox automatically. These are called loyal readers and this is the biggest strength for a blog. This is why readers subscribe to your blog, so that every new post gets in their e-mail address and they do not get deprived of it. Many readers also like your blog and want to find it in their mail address. Therefore, you must associate the FeedBurner email subscription form with your blog. It will also take just five minutes. The way in this post is – apply Feedburner subscription tool

5. Put good blogs in your blog role

blog list Blog roll is a very important thing on a blog. List of blogs in the sidebar that you read daily and want to keep yourself and your readers aware of every movement of them. Many times, some readers may come to your blog just because they like your blog list. Also, if a blog is in your list, then there is a lot of possibility that your name should also be included in the list of that blog. So, follow this method of gaining readership (Hindi blog tips are not using this feature at the moment). The way to add a blog list is in this post – create a blog list of favorite blogs (Video Tutorial)

6. Become a follower of good blogs

By becoming a follower of good blogs, not only can you get their updates in your dashboard, but you can also find an important place in their sidebar. See for example- There are currently 77 readers in the following list of Hindi blog tips. You will see the pictures of the last 18 here (the rest can also be seen easily). Now the reader coming to Hindi blog tips can also click on their profile. Can go to their blog. So it is not wise to become a follower of good blogs. The way to become a follower is in this post- Followers (fans) of your blog

7. Open the feed

rss If you don’t know much about RSS feeds or XML feeds, then no problem. You do not need to have technical knowledge about it. Just know that this feed can help other readers read your posts elsewhere without visiting your blog. Like in a feed reader. If you have given the option of this feed in your blog, then readers are free to read it anywhere. For this, two things have to be done-

Open the feed – By the way, this option is turned on in the default settings of the blog. But still it must be checked once that you have set the feed to full or not. The way in this picture is-

Add a feed gadget – For this, you choose Add a gadget in the template setting and then put the feed option on the blog. The method is given in this picture-

This is how it looks in the blog’s sidebar-

With this, it helps to read the content of your blog in feed readers like Google, bloglines, netwebs, yahoo, or personalized homepage.

8. Keep giving honest comments

This point is also very important in increasing traffic on the blog. The reason is that the Hindi blog world has not expanded much yet. According to the compilers, till now only five-six thousand Hindi blogs are in existence and most every reader also writes his own blog. That is, if you are making an honest comment on a blog, then it is very likely that the author of that blog will reach your blog. Apart from this, other readers also reach your blog by reading your good comments. So if you are lazy in giving comments, then start the process of giving honest comments on good posts from today. They say that you can become a good speaker only when you are a good listener. That is why you can become a good writer of a blog only when you are also a good reader. So tell everyone that you are a good reader. And what else could be better than commenting it out.

9. Submit your blog’s sitemap to the major search engines

By the way, Blogger Blog gives you the facility that your blog automatically gets deposited in all good search engines. But this method was simple. This makes your blog one of these search engines, but it does not get special status. If you adopt these methods then you will become a favorite of the major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Submit sitemap to google

Submit sitemap to yahoo

The advantage of doing this is that you also get all the reports related to your blog about which page your error is or which search term your blog is searched for the most. So do include your sitemap in Yahoo and Google.

10. Set up chat box

Although any reader can be in touch with you through comments, most of the commentary is used only for analyzing or critiquing the content of that post. Therefore it is important that the reader is given a platform in the sidebar of the blog, so that he can contact you directly without any interruption. In this respect, there are two good options on the Internet.

Install C-Box This widget provides the easiest way to keep in touch with readers. You can see it as a helpline in the sidebar of Hindi blog tips. If you also want to put it on your blog, then click here and take your C-box code.

The only weakness of the live chat widget C-Box is that there cannot be live chat here. If you want to extend the convenience of live chat on your blog to your readers to increase communication, then you can use this live chat widget.

There will be some ways to increase traffic to the blog in the next post as well.

Apart from this, if a blog has a widget with top commentators and recent comments, then you can also see it by joining it.

In the next post you will be taught how to reach the top of search engines through webmaster.

11. PING in the blog directory

Do not assume that it is a technical problem by hearing the name PING and you cannot do it. You can do this easily by simply clicking on a button. First, know a little about PING. Through this, various blogs and web directories on the Internet know that you have updated the blog. Once you are late to access these directories. Although their figure is more than forty, but there are some websites on the Internet, through a single information sheet, PING your blog in all directories. Some good websites for PING are-





Go to any of these websites and make your blog count in all directories.

Here you can also be asked about the RSS or XML feed of the blog.

RSS feed –  http://yourblog.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

XML feed –  http://yourblog.blogspot.com/atom.xml

If you are having trouble pinging on the above websites, then at least Google and Technorati, then do ping at least.

Now your question will be what will be the benefit of ping. This will give you backlinks, which will elevate your site in search engines and increase your PageRank.

12. Use E-mail Signature

If you want to make your blog accessible to the people through whom you keep in touch by e-mail. If they send me a mail and say that read my blog, then neither will they like it nor will you. A better way is e-mail signature. With this, you do not even request to read the blog directly from your colleagues and the information of your blog also reaches them. E-mail signature means your identity written at the end of the e-mail. Write the address of your blog under your name and give it a link. Go to settings and save it as an e-mail signature. After this, with every e-mail you send, the address of your blog will go by itself and your partner will be able to click and view it.

13. Provide blog information on social networking sites and chatting profiles

If you have an account in Orkut, Facebook or any other social networking site, then highlight your blog as a webpage in your profile. People searching for you in search engines will also go to your blog and traffic will increase. You can also use Twitter to bring new updates of the blog to your friends. Apart from this, some chat services like G-mail, G-talk have the facility to show custom profiles. You can drag your colleagues to your blog by giving them information about your new post. I also read the latest posts of some colleagues through this medium.

14. Be Generous in Linking to Popular Blog Posts

Finally, a way that can easily bring traffic to other blogs on your blog. This way is not to skimp in giving links to popular blog posts with your posts. Suppose you liked this post of Hindi blog tips or you have some other view about this post. If you give a link to this post of Hindi blog tips in your post, then readers from your blog will access Hindi blog tips, as well as the title of your post will also appear at the bottom of this post of Hindi blog tips.

Now readers of Hindi blog tips reading this post can also access your post. But give the link only if your post is related to that link in some way. Even if the reader comes from a useless link, you will find yourself tricked and will be distracted from your blog. Here’s how to link a post.

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