How to Get Google Adsense Approval for Your Website in 2023?

Today I’ll discuss best practises for getting your site approved. We will give you three tips to improve your chances of getting your site approved.

The first best practice is to ensure that your site has the correct advertising code.The first best practice is to make sure that your code is complete and correct. After generating the Ads Code, you will need to insert the Ads Code into the HTML of your site. You need to place the Ads Code on the tag or on the body of your pages without making any changes.


Please make sure that the code you have added to your AdSense account is placed in the same site. Alternatively, you can Verify Ownership of your site in Search Console instead. If Adsense detects that you have verified your site in Search Console, Adsense will keep checking if your site is ready to show ads.

Next is our second AdSense practice when the site becomes available.

The second best practice is to make sure that your site is available. Adsense often reviews websites that may or may not be downloaded correctly. Therefore, Adsense is unable to review these sites.

Make sure the URL you used to sign up for an AdSense account is correct and is running Globally.

If you need a password to access the site, your site will be unavailable. If your site’s login is password-protected, consider temporarily removing the login screen so that AdSense can access your site. Also, make sure you are not stopping our Crawler in your robot.txt.

Last but not least, Adsense will not talk about our program policies to ensure that the site is policy-compliant.

The ultimate best practice is to ensure that your site is compliant with the policies. Please review our Program Policies and especially Content Policies.

Adsense has reviewed three main Violations by our publishers, which will further highlight these to help you avoid them.

The first violation is low-value content.

Make sure the content is original and valuable to your users.

The second violation is replicated content.

Make sure your content is unique, and it is not copied to different pages of your site. When the same content is copied to your pages or other sites, your site will not be approved.

The third and final main violation is site navigation.

Users should be able to navigate your site easily. This can be achieved by categorizing your content, using menu bars and the like.

So let’s start…

Keep in mind that Adsense can review all pages of your sites, not just the sign-up URL where you keep the Ads Code. It is therefore very important to ensure that each page contains valuable content that is not copied, and that the site is easy to navigate.

In addition to this, Adsense recommends placing the Ads Code on the most popular page of your site, which will activate when our system recognizes your Ads Code, and will speed up the Activation process. Last, put your site in a list of sites, as deleting it may delay the review process.

In short, here are the most important points to activate your account. First, copy the code exactly as it appears in your AdSense home page; Second, make sure your site is accessible, and third, review our Program Policies.

We hope this blog gives you how to get your site approved? Will help us understand it better. You can find more articles within our Adsense label on our blog that have a huge explanation of Adsense policies and publisher restrictions.

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