How do I use the F1 to F12 function keys?

You all know that in the world of computers and laptops, we use many shortcut to reduce the time of today so that our time can be saved, although the computer which is a computer user has the keys F1 to F12, which is the name of the function key. If it is called from, then let us start by stating that where is the use of these keys used?

Use of Key from Function Key F1 to F12

F1 Key – This is the first Fuction Key Button of Keybord, we can use any Softwear Help like Photoshop, Ms Word, Help for Page Maker.etc, then we can open that page and press Help by pressing F1 Key.

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F2 Key – If we have to change the name of any file, if we have to change the name of a folder, then for that we first right click on that file, after that we go to the rename option and then change the name. We find that our time is wasted so if we click on the file and click on F2 Button, then we can easily change the name of that file or folder easily.

F3 Key- As soon as we press this Fuction Key, the Search Box opens in front of us, so that we can search any kind of file or folder in the computer, it is very Ueful for us.

F4 Key- Use this Fuction Key with Alt if any Softwear is open then press Alt + F4 to close it then it will be closed and this is another use when we press Alt + F4 on Desktop. Shutdown option opens

F5 Key- In today’s time, people who use the computer, they will know that at which time it works, the Internet is running in the computer and when Browser is opened, its page error becomes to relod it. Refress with F5 Key or to refresh the computer and in Ms Office I use it to use the Find Replace Go button for a word. On the other hand, when I press F5, the power point starts to slide.

In F6 Key-Window I have to see the contant of the open folder and if it goes to a browser and press f6, then it goes directly to the address containing the URL and you can change the URL directly and if I ms word I have many documents open, so you can check all the documents one by one, for this we have to press Control + Shift + F6.

F7 Key- If you press F7 on the laptop, you can enlarge the volume and it is mostly used in Ms word, if we have to cheek the spelling in any file then you can use it.

F8 Key – Ms word I use it to select the text and to open the safe mode in computer, if you have to go to boot in the window then you press the f8 key and boot Can go

F9 Key – In Microsoft Outlook, it is used to send and recived emails. And many of the current laptops can also control the brightness, its use is mostly used with alt and shift.

F10 Key – It also does not work in the computer’s Windows, if you press these keys in the computer, then it will not do anything, it is used in Ms word, if you use it in ms word, then you will press Shift + F10, then you shortcut Will show like copy paste etc. Any browser of internet or any software is used to go to the menu bar.

F11 Key- It is used for full screen of any softwear or you can full screen your desktop.

F12 Key- Ms word I have to save the file, if you press F12 in laptop then flight mode will be on your laptop and not only that, in many computers we also use to boot the window. .

So friends, as all of you must have seen this function key in your laptop or computer, and you might have also thought that in the end, what is the use of this key in the car, so I will clear many of your douts. Have given

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