Top 10 Hidden Android Tips and Tricks in 2023

Friends, today the world has become mobile with almost all the people, even mobile at home and the most visible mobile smart phones will be there, because these days Android is running behind the smart phone and other than the mind, it is also of a very good brand.

Mobile also x. Sony, Apple, Blackberry all these things but in the whole world it has become a record that Android has become the most popular handset, so friends today, I will talk about Android’s tips tricks, some of their problems and solutions will also be known if you also have any Also Android Smartphone too and if you want to adopt these tricks on your mobile too, then you must read my post completely, that is why I am going to give you the top 10 Android tips and tricks in Hindi: but today I can tell the top 10 tricks and tips of Android Going, with the help of which you can make your smartphone even more smart and smart, in this you will get to learn a lot of Android, so friends, know 10 Android Tips and Tricks on Android Mandroid.

How to make android fast?

Friends, I have a lot of comments and messages on WhatsApp, how do we get our smartphone to run Android when new, even if it runs well some days, but after some days its processors start showing little difference.

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Because of being Kama Ram, whose Your Android hangs and becomes slow, but I can tell you a trick with which you can make Android Smartphone Android Hiyans: First you go to the settings of your Android mobile, then click on the device about it and then click on the build number.

Once you do the tenacity, then you open your mobile settings again, after that the developer option will be shown below, open it, but it will be one of those things, but you have just turned off your Android fastnotes: and if you have more Android Even if you want to uninstall apps or games and keep updating Google Play Games (Google Play service),

How to break the pattern of Android smartphone?

In order to keep your mobile safe and sometimes it happens, if you forget your password or PIN lock in a hurry, then today I may also tell you how to break the pattern lock but yes it will delete your entire phone memory data.

Because your handset will be a format: you use your smart phone Make a hard press on the power button in the undefined ring for 15 seconds.

Now a menu will open in front of you, in that you will select the factory reset, with the help of the ring button, press the power button for OK then click on Yes and format your mobile Pattern lock will be broken: If you switch off your handset then first of all tell that if your smart phone is Samsung too, then you have to press 3 buttoms simultaneously and other

How to increase the battery life of 2 Android phones.

Friends, in your mobile In listening to or watching videos and songs, you forget that the battery back of our mobile is correct or not there is a problem on any battery, that is why I can tell you the tips to prolong the life of the battery of your smartphone.

Rahane: For that you first delete your mobile userless software and games and live wallpapers which you do not do, after that you should keep the brightness of your mobile working so that your mobile battery will last longer and most important Regardless of any work done in mobile If you turn off that function immediately X: WiFi data, if you ignore all these things, then the battery life of your mobile will surely work very soon and you will have to face trouble and see

How to solve network failures or link failures in Android.

Friends, even if you used Android Smartphone, then you would know that even if the Android Smart Phones network is a problem or it is in the emergency network, a solution of this will be working in your mobile, what goes to try Hyans: When your network runs away immediately, then you go to the settings and leave the flight mode for 1 minute, then turn off your link or tower.

How to stop this from happening immediately? Hello friends, even when your smart phone hangs, what do you do, even if you switch off your smart phone and then open it again, but these tricks will be very helpful if your mobile RAM is 512 MB or more Even if you work, with the help of this trick, your mobile You can save yourself from getting hanged.

First of all, you should run your smart phone above. I told you about the tricks, now you can also tell about hangs. You can close the app in your mobile settings then in the application manager, due to which your Hanging the mobile and uninstall it immediately and click on Clear RAM: Even if you do not want to uninstall that software, then always keep it clear in the Task Manager of Settings so that they do not hang up quickly in Android mobile. Songs without any app? Friends, do you even know how to hide images data in our Android phone without any app? This is a question that a friend of mine, Indar asked me,

How do we hide data without any app in Android?

Like you guys Surely you can hide, let us also know the case: If you have an Android phone too, then you will know that even if an Android folder is defaulted in the file manager, then backup of your Android will be made which can be used to recover anything.

That folder would also be a header folder, it also means that if you put any image or song or video in that folder, and open the mobile’s gallery, the video or video will not show, you can keep it anywhere but keep in mind that you Do not forget to delete the folder containing Android, because more people do it.

Note :- Wherever you put your data in that Android folder, if you do not name the folder, then you can forget that you will have trouble finding

How to reduce android camera image size?

Friends, there is no need for me to tell you whether there is a camera of any Android phone or not, but there is a lot of space on capturing images and also a solution that can help the size of the images.

Without any impact on the quality: you open your camera and then go to the settings, then come Jak in the resolution you want the images you want. Select Karlenote according to your needs: These tricks will also not affect your camera quality, so you must do this.

Where is the text backup saved on Android phone?

Even typing in or sending a message or a name or any personal information of someone immediately said, I think you must have saved Jake in Sayyid Messesses, so that you do not know how to save even if it takes a lot of time.

But even if you had such an app present in front of you, you would have missed it. Memo-snaps: In this, you can save any text by typing in it and then you can also read it if needed, which can also be considered important for you in this app diary. It is like.

Note :- You can save anything by typing in it and if there is any personal information too, then you can save it by typing in it and then disable this app so that it will become your app,

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How to search the voice in the Android phone?

If you want to run the internet without typing, then you can get voice You can do this by doing this, but for this you need to have a 3G net pack, let’s also know how to search for Voices: In your Android menu, a browser will come in the name of the Internet, open it, it will show you something like a talking speaker.

By clicking on it, you can search for anything by speaking: Honot: It also searches in voice search 2G but due to the very slow network flow, sometimes it does not work.

How to get your friend’s mobile to hang by sending SMS to WhatsApp?

Friends. This trick is special and fun for you as well, so that you can disturb your friend and enjoy it, yes, you heard it right, you can send your friend’s son and crash his mobile and WhatsApp, which is very simple.

Come on, let me tell you how Hiyans: For this, you should first download an app from Playstore and download it from WhatsApp Bumbar App or Google, you can also download it by clicking here and after that select the level and open it in your copy. The option will show you copy that message and send it to someone’s WhatsApp. When he will read this message then his WhatsApp will crash.

Note :- I think for this you will have to give more information, it can also harm you, even before you know about it completely from here.

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