10 Ideas for a Quickly Approved Google Adsense Account in 2023

As everyone is aware, today’s post will discuss Google Adsense Account Approval Tips. Google Adsense Account – Google Adsense is the best option for online earning, but you must have an Approved Google Adsense Account in order to add Adsense Ads to your blog and earn money online.

Now if you do not have an Approved Account of Google Adsense, then you can approve Google Adsense Account in just 2 days and place Google Adsense Ads on your blog and earn your Earning.

When you want to approve Google Adsense Account quickly, then you have to fulfill Google’s Criteria (Terms & Condition) so that Google Adsense approve your account. With this, if you want to approve your Google Adsense Account quickly, then you have to focus on some extra things and your Google Adsense Account gets approved in just 2 days.

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Google Adsense Approval Tips

Your blog should be on Blogger to quickly approve Google Adsense Account because Blogger is a product of Google and Google Adsense is also why when you create your blog on Blogger.com, then Google Adsense approves your blog quickly.

Along with this, you also have to pay attention to some extra things so that your blog gets approved only after applying-

01. Custom Domain

By adding custom domain to the blog, your blog easily ranks on the Search Engine. When you buy a custom domain, first try to get an old domain because the authority of the old domain is more.

With which it quickly ranks on Search Engine, which is very important for approve Google Adsense Account.

So you buy a short and old custom domain and after creating the blog, add it to Google Webmaster Tool so that your domain starts ranking on Google’s Search Engine and Google can get information about your domain.

02. Responsive Template

It is very important to have a Responsive Template on your blog to quickly approve Google Adsense Account. Because Responsive Template shows your content well on all platforms.

Also, by adding Responsive Templates, you can make navigation of your blog much better because in Responsive Template you get options for setting Header, Top Menu, Sidebar and Footer.

When you install a Responsive Template for your blog, then make sure that there are no images on your Template or not at all because Google Adsense does not like Images.

Use only a Simple, White and Responsive Template on your Blogger Blog.

03- Discussed Use Maximum Images in Your Blog

When you write a post on your blog, then only use the maximum one image inside that post because Google does not like Adsense Images and Videos, so do not use video in your article and also use only one image of an article. Do for

Always try that when you add the image to your article, then keep that image of normal size so that your image shows on your article in a very simple way, in addition, you also optimize your used image according to the search engine. Use only after doing.

04- Write Original / Unique Content

It is very important to have original, unique and informative content on your blog to approve Google Adsense Account. Because Google Adsense approve those blogs quickly.

With this, you should have at least 30 posts on your blog because when you publish 30 posts on your blog, then you can also navigate well on your blog.

And all your posts should be at least 1000 words, which means you can also say that your article should be completely complete and complete information should be about that topic. When you write content for your blog, now you use Headings and Sub Headings so that your article can be understood clearly and you can also clear your topic well.

For Example: You write an article and finish your article only within one or two headings, then Google assumes that you have not explained your topic well and that your Incomplete Content is called your blog. Disapprove lets do it.

Therefore, you should use more headings and write an article of at least 1000 words, so that your Google Adsense Account gets approved quickly.

05- Create Important Pages

To approve Google Adsense Account, it is very important to have a few pages on your blog.

For example: About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Declaimer Page.

When you create all these pages, you can also share your information with your blog on Google. Which holds a lot of importance for Google.

Google Adsense wants to know about you and at the same time it also wants your blog visitors to have information about you and if needed So that all these pages are very necessary to approve Google Adsense Account so that you can contact you.

06- Create Navigation on your Blog

When you navigate well on your blog, then anyone can easily access all your articles. Navigation is very important to approve Google Adsense Account.

Most blogs disapprove Google only because of poor Navigation System.

To navigate well on the blog, you create a Main Menu (Header Menu) in which you can navigate your topics according to the category.

Along with this, you also add a Category Box in the Sidebar and add some Extra Widgets like Popular Post, Resent Post, Blog Archives etc.

Along with adding all these things, you can also navigate your pages in Social Media Icons and Header or Footer.

07- Blog Visitors

It is very important to have traffic on your blog for quick approval from any successful blog or Google Adsense.

Because Google Adsense sees that if it shows ads on your blog then it will be benefited or not, so you try to gain maximum traffic on your blog through social media, email marketing, forums etc., so that your blog But traffic remains.

When there is traffic on your blog, then Google assumes that people like your blog and they also visit your blog.

That’s why Google Adsense approve your blog quickly.

08- Your Blog has At least 2 Months Old

According to the policy of Google Adsense, your blog should be at least 6 Months Old but if your blog is 2 Months Old and you are also active on that blog then Google approve your blog.

After creating a blog, you should focus only on writing articles and increasing traffic on your blog for 2 months, so that you can create good content and also increase more traffic on your blog.

In this way, there is good content on your blog and blog visitors also and your blog becomes 2 months old, so Google Adsense gives approval to your blog within 2 days.

09- Good Topic is Better for Google Adsense Account

Google Adsense always approve blogs made on good topics, so first of all, you have to see which types of ads show more on blogs.

Because when you create a blog related to the Topic of the ads that show more, then Google approve your blog quickly because they have the Ads available for that Topic.

You should not take useless and useless topics at all, and also do not take such topics which are very much on the Internet.

For Example: Tech Blogs Because today there are so many Tech Blogs available on the Internet, so Google Adsense knows that you cannot create something special for your visitors, so there will not be much visitors on your blog and it disapprove your blog. Or it takes too much time to approve.

Therefore it would be better for you to find such topics which have less competition because then you will be able to do more activity on your blog and can also write unique content on your blog.

10- Simple Content Writing

When you create a blog for Google Adsense Approve, then you also have to keep in mind that you create content on your blog in a very simple way because many people use a lot of colors on their blog.

By doing this, your blog is not eligible for Google Adsense and Google disapprove your blog.

Therefore, to highlight your content, use only Bold and Headings and do not use colors at all.

Which shows your blog in a simple way and Google likes your blog so that it approve your blog quickly.

In Conclusion:-

To get the “Google Adsense Account” approved quickly, you should pay attention to the above mentioned things and follow them so that your blog can be approved as soon as possible.

Because Google Adsense sees all these things and when you do all these things well on your blog, then your blog is absolutely best for Google Adsense Approval.

Through which Google Adsense approve your blog quickly and you can do your online earning by adding Google Adsense‘s ads to your blog.

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