Top 5 Free Android Calling Apps Without Internet in 2023

Free Calls to someone – Free Calls without Internet – Free Calls to anyone without Internet – Today I am sharing article about how phone / landline can make calls without internet through free calling app.

We all know about free calling applications like Weber, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Line, Tango etc. which also enable free calls, but they require an internet connection to make calls. What if the call is offline, without the need for an Internet connection? You heard right, you can make free calls without an internet connection.

Free calling app for android without internet

Although there are apps such as Viber, WeChat, Facebook Messenger that enable free calls, they are on the net, requiring the receiver to also have an active Internet connection to make calls.

What if, the call goes offline without the need of an internet connection. So in this post we will provide free calling application for Android without internet.

This post covers topics of free calling apps

Which app is best for making free calls?

What is a calling app?

What is free?

How do I make a phone call on my tablet?

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Free calling app to make free calls

This app uses offline calling technologies, which is without a data connection, you can talk for free. Once you download them you can avoid paying high bills on your mobile. These mobile bills for international calls are becoming more and more so to get rid of them all you can just download these free apps and use them unlimited. So below are Free Calling Apps for android without Internet.

1. Spoil app for free calling

Bigo is an awesome revolutionary communication free calling app that lets you make free calls to any mobile / landline worldwide. The best features of this free calling app are because the called person does not need a billo app or internet connection.

Features of bigo

The BIGO app offers 400 credits per month for free.

This app provides free 10 credits per day for login to the app.

You can use these credits to make a call and the cost of the call credit depends on the location. You can see the credit fee for non-elders by clicking here.

Bigo also offers unlimited volumetric calls for below calls.

Bigo also offers 300 large credits upon inviting / mentioning a friend

2. Nanu App for Free Calling

Nanu is the latest free calling app designed for Android phones to make free calls. In fact the NANU app provides free unlimited calls from NANU to NANU on the net and without internet it provides 15 minutes of free calling every week.

Characteristics of nanu

Nanu does not require internet connection. Once you download the app, you can get free calling facility. So every time internet is needed

Also works as unlimited free calls in 2G connectivity

Also works for wifi connection and it increases the balance. According to the CEO

Nanu, in later days, this app increases offline calling time and will also be expanded to different countries.

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3. Primo app for free calling

Calling without data in more than 60 countries on Primo Voice Network allows you to use your cellular voice minutes to make calls when you are not near Wifi or out of data. Where do you go The receiver does not need internet. He gets a normal call from your USA number.

Download app from play store

You get a United States number for free. This will be your number. Give it to friends.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can make free calls and text to India and some other countries.

Make free calls to mobiles and landlines in India

– USA, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico Land and Mobile

– China, Thailand, and Singapore Land and Mobile

– Landlines in Britain, France, Germany, and most of Europe

4. Libon App for free calling

Using this free app, you can easily make free calls to other app users and all using an internet connection. You can also call other users, even those who are not using the LIBON app, but the only restriction is that the user is only allowed to make that type of call every month. Only 30 minutes will be available.

Features of Libon

Unlimited Free Libon-to-Libon Calls

30 minutes free call to non-employer users per month (mobile, landline, libon call without internet connection)

In addition there is a referral program, refer your friends or family to get 60 minutes for free.

5. WhatsCall Call Anyone For Free

Whatscall is another great free calling application on our list, without internet and my favorite free calling application for Android phones. Whatscall is also a free calling app where you can make calls without Wi-Fi or internet. To make free calls without internet, you just have to download and log in to get 100 credits.

The app also gives 1000 credits for referring your friends. There are also ways to get free credit for making free calls without internet. So, just install and earn credits to call your friends and relatives. Whatscall is available for both Android and iOS.

-If your friends or family do not have any network access, WhatsCall can still connect you for free

-New “Moments” feature allows you to upload photos to WhatsCall and share your colorful and exciting life.

-Stance Messenger: Send photos, text and voice messages to friends to WhatsApp

So these are some Free Calling Apps for android without Internet. Try and comment that they are working for you. If you know any other free calling app for android without internet and we will add it to this list of Free Calling Apps for android without Internet.

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