What is a SUPER COMPUTER and how does it function?

Today we will talk about super computer and what does it work? About Supercomputers. So all of you must have known, so today we will tell you about super computer. If you do not know about Super Computer then this post is for you only.

In this post you will get complete information about super computer in Hindi. How does a super computer work? What do supercomputers do? How much does a supercomputer cost? The world’s highest speed computer super computer Which is the fastest super computer in India? You will get all this information in this post. So let us know, what is a supercomputer and what can it do? , What is Supercomputer in Hindi.

Listening to a super computer takes a super version of the computer, and this is also true because a supercomputer is a device that does faster processing than an existing computer.

If we talk about earlier times, vacuum tubes and transistors were used in computers and computers used to be like big rooms.

But after the introduction of circuits and microchips, the size of the computer has reduced to a great extent. Let’s know about super computer.

What is super computer?

A super computer is a computer with a higher level of performance than a general purpose computer. Super computer can perform very high level of calculation and computing as compared to general purpose computer.

It works thousands of times faster than today’s computers. That is why it is called super computer. It is the fastest and most powerful as compared to all available computer systems at any given time.

This computer system is used where there is a need to perform real time task with a lot of power and fast processing.

Operating System of Super Computer?

The performance of a supercomputer is measured in FLOPS, which means floating-point operations per second. That is why the more FLOPS the computer has, the more powerful it will be.

A supercomputer is a computer that currently performs at the fastest speed and operational rate. It is mostly used for making scientific and engineering applications.

How does a supercomputer work?

The need of supercomputers comes in the most use of saints and engineers, calculations of database and high level calculations are needed, for this supercomputers are used.

Supercomputers are very high and powerfull and supercomputers are very expensive. That is why it is used where there is a need to do very large and fast calculations.

Apart from this, it is also used in special operations, because there is a lot of time constraints in special operations, they have to do more work in less time.

What work can a super computer do?

Let me explain you a little and tell you where supercomputers are used.

1,Functions of Supercomputer

2,Climate Research)

3,Weather forecasting)

4,Physical Simulations)

5,Code Breaking)

6,Genetic Analysis)

7,Animated Graphics)

8,Quantum Mechanics)

9,Molecular Modeling)

10,Oil and Gas Exploration)

11,Fluid Dynamic Calculations)

12,Nuclear Energy Research)

How much does a supercomputer cost?

Price of Supercomputer: The price of a supercomputer depends on how fast it calculates the floating point per second.

The higher the supercomputer, the higher its cost, that is, the more expensive it will be.

Therefore it is not easy to build and use a super computer. Usually the cost of supercomputers is $20,000 (1462300₹), but the cost of large supercomputers can be up to 300 million US dollars.

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